Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015

2015 has particularly been a short year for me. Is it because the older you get, the faster time travels? Seems so! It’s the last night of 2015 as I lay tugged in 3 blankets and 3 quilts and still feeling cold, wondering where I put my pair of knitted gloves. Reflecting back, I have had difficult times, few frustrating ones but predominantly happy times.

Although with a lot of hesitation, I managed to create a blog. I could not write as much I wanted to but I am definitely proud of this small space I can call my own. 2015 saw me making so many new friends through this platform, friends who share my passion for writing and massive love for social media (hehe). I have found friends in poets, authors, teachers, civil servants from other ministries, which I would have never met otherwise.
On the funny side, I lost two tooth this year all in the name of beauty. Not really. I am not blessed with good set of teeth to even be able to openly smile (not exaggerating) so I decided to get braces. The dentist said I had to extract four and I agreed only to realize toothache is a b*tch! I don’t know any other way to put it. I went through excruciating pain for weeks, waking up in the middle of the night with throbbing pain begging for painkillers every 3-4 hours. Anyways I had to wave a white flag to this self-inflicted agony. Lost 2 tooth for nothing!I have a feeling my 80 year old self will hate me for this decision!!!
This year I resumed normal office work after my studies.Professionally, I have been on a roll in 2015. Paulo Coelho, in the Alchemist states, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. I am a fervent believer of this simple yet fascinating truth because I wished for better things workwise and just like that hurdles cleared. In my 6 years of service, this year has been the most rewarding in terms of satisfaction from work and I am eternally grateful to god and ‘the universe’! I have unexpectedly found good friends in new colleagues and bonded well with the rest.

With the good comes the bad.Didn't want to mention this but despite remaining online on Facebook all day just to check house rent ads, I failed to get one this year. Although nothing changes but the number, I hope 2016 is kinder. Fingers crossed. I will also spare you all the emotional roller coaster I have been through. Lets just say I have grown in the process.Do I regret anything?No. Did I live fully? Definitely! 
On this note, wishing everyone a new year filled with love, success, contentment and positive vibes. Cheers to 2016! Cheers to 365 new days, 365 new chances!  





Riku said...

I pray that you really live 80 years. And then you become the longest living blogger of Bhutan. The joke aside, it is a beautiful post. Happy New Year, my new colleague!

Sonam ChOkie said...

Haha.I intend to be that. Thank you Riku.Happy New Year to you as well. See you around :D

Rekha Monger said...

That's the spirit. A lot of things resonates with me here, like Paulo Coelho's quote and the house rent ads and then meeting a lot of new friends through this blogging community. I met you :).

I'm sure your 2016 will be even better and kinder and more fulfilling. Happy New year.

Sonam ChOkie said...

Same pinch :) Thanks dear.Cheers to a better 2016.Happy New Year.

Choki Gyeltshen said...

Nice post here, sad for your two tooth. Happy New Year! Keep writing

Sonam ChOkie said...

Haha. Thank you Choki.Been going through your posts. Well written. Happy New Year to you as well

Dawa Pemo said...

Hi Sonam,
Glad to come across your blog :) Enjoyed reading all the posts.Loved your language.Keep Posting .

Aue Dawa here :)

Sonam ChOkie said...

@dawa pemo : So sorry aue.I havent checked my blog for a long long time.Thank you.Glad you have come across mine :)